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If every home is someone’s castle, then that makes their caravan a 'travelling palace'.

We strive to ensure each customer is given the royal treatment, after all, it’s in our name.  




Vehicle Maintenance

To ensure perfect functionality, we offer year round vehicle maintenance so that when it's time to hit the road, you're not hit with any issues. 


Habitation Check

When winter arrives, even your van wants to bed down to escape the cold. This annual check ensures the gas, water and electric are all in perfect order. 


Full Service

A yearly health check never did anyone any harm! Why not treat your van to one to ensure it's in tip top condition?


Damp Report

Although unlikely, our damp report can ensure that any damp related issues are detected quickly are dealt with swiftly.


Road Chassis Service

The chassis safety check is an important part of any service and allows us to find and sort any issues before they become too major.


Additional Services

As trained mechanics, there are plenty of additional services we offer - just ask!

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About Us


Founded in 2019, Kings Caravan Servicing has quickly become the partner of choice for many caravaners and site owners alike. 

We provide a mobile caravan facility in and around Devon with a range of services for the touring caravan owner. Our services are carried out to nationally enforced standards and we can easily undertake any task in a place that suits you best - the campsite, your home, or any storage facility you use. 

We aim to solve any issues or problems both on site and at the time of appointment to ensure you have the least disruption possible leaving you able to enjoy your day knowing you're in safe hands.


Feel free to get in touch below and we'll be more than happy to quote for any job you require. ​

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